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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I book a tour?

To book a tour with  Rome Tour  you can easily do it by using our online websites where we accept online securitized payments by credit cards, PayPal or bank transfer. You can book group tours, private tours, transfers, accomodations and travel insurence.

When will be my booking accepted?

When you finish booking your tour, and you make the payment our company will send the confirmation email with all the required details in it: payment invoice, tour details, meeting point and additional things you need to know for the selected tour.

Are any hidden fees to the total cost of the tour?

Every tour presented on our website includes all the additional fees like tickets & VAT.

How does your company handle the long waiting lines for the attractions?

We organize our tours only with ski the line tickets to facilitate the fast entering into the monuments. We highly appreciate our customer’s time and considering you are in vacation time means more than anything. We will do our best to jump the queues for the most visited monuments like Vatican, Colosseum and not only!

Does your tour operator company organizes private tours?

Yes, Visit Italy tour website is created to provideprivate guided tours with customized itineraries for our travelers. To have a private tour, book here. We advise our clients to book the private tour with at least one week before to avoid any unexpected situations and to be sure that we can reserve an exclusive guide for your family/group.

Do you organize tours for other languages than English?

Yes, all of our tours can also be in Italian, Spanish, French or German languages. Before booking, please check for the availability in the respective language.

What availability do you have for the tours?

Our tours are organized daily from Monday to Sunday except the main national holidays.Once you decided to book your trip, you can select the desired date and time from the booking engine.

Professionality of the guides?

The guides that we use for our tours are highly selected, and we are working only with official guides licensed by the Italian state. The professionality and the level of the desired spoken language for the tour will be at highest standards available.

Child-friendly tours?

Our tours are very child-friendly, and the guides will do their best to engage the children in the activity of the visit. Also for most of our tours, they will be using before and after maps to illustrate better the monuments.

You require a minimum number of participants for the booking?

There isn’t a minimum number of participants. Private tours are tailored made to provide service also for 1 person.

In the case of larger groups, before booking, please check the maximum number of participants for the selected tour. In general, our company organizes tours with the total 13 participants in the group or for the Express Skip The Line Tours with a maximum number of 25 people in the group. Also on our website will be written the size of the group for every tour displayed.

How can I organize a tour for a larger group?

If you would like to book a tour and you have more than 13 people in the group we recommend to get in touch with us by e-mail on [email protected] or by calling us. For larger groups, we will arrange a private tour with a much better price.

How safe is it to book on the website?

Our website is using the latest online security measures to accept the payments online. Every single transaction is processed through a high-security server using the latest PCI compliance systems. Also, our website is full “HTTPS” securitized. Your payment details will be encrypted, and they will never be saved on our servers!

If raining or bad weather?

Our tours are running either if raining or bad weather! We recommend our customers, before booking, to check the weather for the day you would like to do the tour.

Do you require a dress code for tours?

Some specific itineraries like Vatican or for the visits in churches is it obligatory for women, children, and men to cover their knees and shoulders.

Are strollers or prams for child’s allowed?

Yes, if you are traveling with your kids is it allowed to bring a stroller or a pram with you. However, we recommend to be light, and for some specific areas, it will be required to fold them.

Can I book a tour for people with mobility difficulties?

Unfortunately, our tours aren’t adapted for people with reduced mobility such as wheelchairs, etc. However, we inform our customers to each tour about the level of difficulty and if recommended for people with disabilities.

The meeting point for tours?

The meeting point for each tour will be close to the attraction to be easier for our customers. Please arrive at the meeting point with minimum 15-20 minutes before the tour starts! On our website, we specify the meeting point for each tour and also upon booking in your confirmation email you will receive all the additional details such as the meeting point and things to bring or any other useful pieces of information.

What happens if I arrive after the tour starts?

If you encounter unexpected situations and aren’t sure that you will be in time before tour starts, please contact us as fast as possible by calling us on one of the numbers displayed in Contact Us pages. We inform our customers that are their responsibility to be at the meeting point with at least 15 min before the tour starts to proceed with the pre-entry forms for the attractions.

Can we leave a review after the trip?

We kindly ask all of our customers to leave us a review on their favorite platform like TripAdvisor, Google and Facebook  etc. The reviews we receive are precious to us because we are using them to improve the quality of our tours and this way we assure that everything runs smoothly during the visits made through with our guides.

Can we ask the guide other questions about the city we are visiting?

If needed you can easily ask our guides about anything you might need. They will be delighted helping you with advice like things to do while visiting, specific restaurants or events taking place in the town. Also, you ask information about the transportation system and everything that might help you during your stay.

Hope to see You in Italy soon!

Visit Italy Official® team