The Spanish Steps is an inspiration for many movie scenes, song verses as well as TV shows of which the most famous is a movie starring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck, however, its purpose is less romantic.

The Spanish Steps were sponsored by a French diplomat called Etienne Gueffier, with the amazing 20.000 scudi, which would be millions in today’s currency, and he wasn’t the only one invested in making these fabulous steps.

Piazza di Spagna got its name from the Embassy of Spain and in 1723 when the church Trinita dei Monti was finished and they had nothing to connect the two Piazza it was time to start the construction of the stairs. The steps were designed by little-known Italian architect Francesco de Sanctis.

Don’t be fooled if you count the Spanish Steps, they are 135 in total, the first step isn’t actually a step it is in fact drainage. When you start climbing the steps look to your right side, you will gaze upon a house of English poet John Keats who lived and died in it 1821.

The Fountain of the longboat or Fontana della Barcaccia was built around 1623 is said to be a creation of Mr Pietro Bernini who was in fact the father of baroque style creator Gian Lorenzo Bernini.

Now, in our modern times, if you visit Rome and these breath-taking steps in springtime, around May, you will find the azaleas in bloom at flower market open.

Sitting and eating on the steps is forbidden so keep that in mind.

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